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Getting Started

The following information will provide you with details about the advantages of using document imaging, the process to get started with this service, and the security involved.


Reduced cost associated with paper

  • Storing, copying, filing, and distributing

Increased office space

  • Physical storage is a necessity of the past

Ease of document retrieval

Simultaneous viewing

Maintained integrity of documents

  • No document degradation or threat of disaster

Go green

  • Less paper being printed

Continual service or initial startup

  • We provide the equipment, personnel, experience and processes to image documents
  • Users have the option to purchase these and continue the process in house


We will have a consultation with your department to identify specific needs for document retrieval.


A repository will be set up


The documents will be prepared (removing staples and paper clips, unfolding pages, moving notes) - this can change the price per scan


A test batch will be imaged for your department to verify to ensure it meets your needs


The documents will be imaged and the image quality and accuracy of indexing will be verified.


Process paperwork for document destruction.


Documents will be shredded in our office and then picked up by Physical Plant.



Access rights are set up initially with department head authorization


Documents accessed at


Log-in using O-Key account


Back up on OSU IT servers

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