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2-0824 Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
2-0301 Academic Administrator Administrative Increment
2-0820 Academic Forgiveness
2-0822 Academic Integrity Policy
2-0215 Academic Program Review
2-0101 Academic Rank for Non-Teaching Personnel
7-0601 Accepting Gifts of Physical Resources
2-0206 Adding and Dropping Courses and Withdrawing from the University
2-0501 Administrative Information Systems
2-0801 Admission of First-Time-Entering Undergraduate Students
1-0120 Advertising
2-0112 Annual Faculty Appraisal and Development Program
2-0302 Annual Performance Appraisal of Academic Administrators
2-0821 Appeal of Final Grade Not Involving Alleged Violations of Academic Integrity
1-1201 Appointment of Interim or Acting Administrators
3-0601 Appropriate Use Policy
2-0212 Approval of General Education Courses
3-0253 Assignment of Account Numbers for Grant and Contract Awards
3-0713 Attendance and Leave for Staff
2-0217 Attendance Policy for Students
1-0604 Audits Which Uncover Criminal Acts
1-0107 Availability of University Facilities
2-0220 Awarding Honorary Degrees
2-0114 Awarding Posthumous Degrees
3-0771 Background Check Policy for Faculty and Graduate Assistants and or Associates (Teaching and Research)
3-0330 Billing and Receivable System
3-0522 Bomb Threats
5-0805 Cable Channel 17 - Access to Program Air Time
3-0523 Campus Threats and Violence
1-0505 Care and Use of Animals in Research, Testing, and Teaching
3-0128 Cellular Services
5-0510 Central Mailing Services
3-0854 Central Receiving Station
4-0138 Classifying Funds as Organized Research Under Uniform Guidance (Formerly OMB Circular A-21)
3-0203 Clothing and-or Uniforms Provided to Employees
3-0331 Collections, Deposit and Control of Cash, Checks or Credit Cards Received in the Name of Oklahoma State University
1-0203 Collegiate Licensing and Trademark Usage
4-0401 Compensation to Human Subjects
4-0125 Complaints of Research Misconduct
4-0130 Conflict of Interest in Sponsored Programs
1-0540 Consideration of Removing Names of Facilities
3-0839 Control/Abatement of Asbestos in Campus Facilities
3-0720 Corrective Actions and Dismissals for Staff
4-0137 Cost Accounting Standards - Applicable Credits and Incidental Receipts
1-0113 Cost Sharing in Sponsored Research and Service Projects
4-0135 Costing Practices for Sponsored Research and Service Projects
2-0202 Course Action Requests
2-0109 Cumulative Review of Tenured Faculty
3-0814 Custodial Services
3-0602 Data Stewardship:  Data Classification Policy, Responsibilities and Guidelines
3-0721 Definitions, Exemption and Amendments for Administrative and Professional Staff
1-0136 Digital Accessibility
3-0126 Disposition of Surplus Property
3-0252 Distinguishing Between Gifts, Grants, and Contracts
1-1205 Drug-Free Workplace
2-0401 Educational Television Services
3-0336 Electronic Commerce at Oklahoma State University
3-0322 Electronic Use of Social Security Numbers
3-0121 Employee Indemnification Bonding
3-0117 Employee Liability Insurance
1-0134 Employee Travel Policy
3-0256 Employment Incentive Awards
1-0401 Employment of Athletic Department Exempt Staff and Intercollegiate Coaches
1-0803 Employment of Internationals
3-0706 Employment, Promotion and Transfer for Classified Staff
3-0726 Employment, Resignation, Suspensions, and Dismissals for Administrative and Professional Staff
1-0520 Energy Management and Conservation
1-0101 Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action
1-0109 Excavation, Alterations, Renovations, and Additions for Facilities
1-0114 Extending Job Offers to Prospective Faculty
5-0601 Extracurricular Use of University Facilities, Areas for the Purpose of Expression
1-0123 Facilities Planning and Space Utilization Committee
4-0106 Facility and Resource Use Agreement
2-0602 Faculty Charges from the University Library
2-0113 Faculty Sick Leave
3-0708 Family and Medical Leave Act
2-0701 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Acts (Buckley Amendment)
3-0127 Federal Property Management Standards
2-0106 Fee Waiver Scholarships
2-0806 Fees Tuition and Special Charges to Students
2-0216 Final Exam Overload and Common Final or Evening Exam Conflict
3-0826 Fire Protection and Safety
3-0834 Fire Safety Sprinkler Systems
3-0201 Fiscal Procedures and Accounting Systems
1-0702 Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy and Title IX Grievance Procedure - Revision in progress
3-0421 Graduate Research Assistants, Associate Tuition Waivers
3-0251 Grants and Contracts Financial Administration
3-0822 Graphics Painting in Campus Buildings
3-0746 Grievances and Complaints for Staff
2-0110 Guidelines to Govern Workload Assignments to Faculty Members
3-0838 Handling and Disposal of Hazardous Chemicals
1-0301 Handling of Gifts to the University
3-0535 Hazard Communication Program
3-0837 Hazardous Materials- Training Hazmat Employees
3-0712 Human Resources Information Management Systems
2-0901 Informal Ombudsman Review of Qualified Faculty Employment Issues, and Informal Voluntary Mediation of Qualified Faculty Employment Issues
3-0747 Informal Ombudsperson Review and Informal Voluntary Mediation of Qualified Staff Employment Issues
3-0604 Information & Resources:  Access Control Policy
3-0603 Information Security
3-0605 Information Security: Security Awareness
2-0221 In-State Out-of-State Status for Tuition Purposes
4-0301 Institutional Biosafety Policy
4-0303 Institutional Laser Safety
4-0302 Institutional Radiation Safety
1-0202 Intellectual Property
1-0117 Interdisciplinary and Cooperative Programs
3-0125 Inventory of Fixed Assets
3-0180 Lake Carl Blackwell
3-0501 Law Enforcement Services
3-0711 Layoff and Reduction in Work Force for Staff
2-0601 Locations of Library Collections
3-0750 Long Term Disability
3-0719 Military Leave
1-0135 Minors Participating in OSU-Related Activities and Programs
3-0202 Miscellaneous Compensation Payments to Internationals for Independent Personal Services
3-0810 Mission Statement
3-0321 Monthly Time and Effort Confirmation In Compliance with OMB Circular A-21
1-0118 Multiple Private Awards for Sponsored Projects with the Same General Objective
2-0810 Native Speakers, Academic Credit
2-0905 Nomination and Appointment Process for Regents Professor
3-0745 Nondiscrimination, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action for Administrative or Professional and Classified Staff
2-0903 Non-Tenure Track Faculty Positions
1-0132 Oklahoma State University International Travel Policy
5-0201 On-Campus Credit Courses Offered Through Extension
1-0130 Open Records
2-0208 Ordering Textbooks
2-0115 Overload Pay for Faculty
3-0512 Parking and Traffic Signage and Enforcement
3-0335 Payment of Student Fees, Tuition, and Charges
3-0255 Payments for Stipends, Travel, Dependency Allowance or Other Participating Costs on Grant or Contract Funded Training Programs
3-0320 Payroll
3-0741 Performance Evaluation Program for Staff
1-0111 Physical Facilities--Space and Facilities Inventory
4-0115 Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research
1-0705 Political Activities of Employees
3-0846 Postal Services
3-0823 Posting Items in Hallways
2-0210 Prefinals Week
1-0102 Presentations to the Board of Regents by Representatives of the Campus Community
1-0110 Printing and Use of University Stationery
5-0521 Printing Off-Campus
2-0213 Priority Enrollment for Continuing Students
2-0211 Procedures for Initiating and Discontinuing Academic Options or Degree Programs
3-0732 Procedures to Govern Compensated Outside Activities of Administrative and Professional Staff Members
2-0111 Procedures to Govern Overload Assignments, Outside Professional Activities, and Other Outside Activities of Faculty Members
3-0842 Procurement and Installation of Fume Hoods
3-0818 Procurement of Carpeting
3-0812 Procurement of Physical Plant Services
1-1204 Professional Development-Retreats
3-0110 Property Insurance
3-0830 Public Assembly Events in Campus Buildings
1-0104 Public Speaking
4-0120 Publishing Results of Sponsored Research Projects or Programs
3-0420 Purchase of Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages on Sponsored Project Funding
3-0241 Purchasing Card
3-0146 Purchasing Equipment on Sponsored Agreements
3-0145 Purchasing
2-0902 Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Process for Ranked Faculty
4-0139 Recharge Centers and Sponsored Agreements
3-0190 Records and Documents Retention, Security and Control
3-0540 Red Flags Rules and Identity Theft Prevention
2-0802 Reinstatement of Undergraduate Students After Academic Suspension
3-0362 Reporting and Taxability of Assistantships, Fellowships, Scholarships, Fee Waivers and Other Payments to Students
4-0201 Requirements for Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research
2-0128 Requirements for Undergraduate and Graduate Minors
2-0904 Research Professor Track (Non-Tenure Track)
3-0710 Resignations for Classified Staff
2-0222 Restriction of Forming Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Additional Locations
2-0214 Retention of Grade Books and Records
4-0136 Retroactive Cost Transfers
1-0305 Routing Systems--Proposals, Grants, Contracts and Agreements
3-0148 Sale of Goods or Services to the University by an Employee
3-0521 Security Alarm Systems
3-0513 Shuttle Bus Operations
3-0716 Sick Leave for Staff
3-0911 Signage and Graphics
7-0501 Solicitation of Gifts from Corporations and Foundations
1-0105 Solicitation on Campus
2-0102 Space for Retired Faculty Members
2-0107 Spousal Partner Hires
3-0714 Staff Training and Development
2-0209 Standards for Semester-Credit-Hour
3-0260 State Regents Endowed Chair and Professorship Program
4-0140 Stores
2-0823 Student Discrimination Grievances
6-0101 Student Employment Job Listing
1-0133 Student Travel
2-0204 Summer Session Period
5-0202 Supplemental Credit Courses Offered Through Extension
1-0402 Team Travel
3-0881 Telecommunications Services--Order or Change
1-0119 The Oklahoma State University Museum
3-0742 Timekeeping and Overtime
1-0530 Tobacco Use and Smoking Preparation Use In or On University Property
3-0144 Trade-Out
1-0106 Transfer of Property to Other Organizations
1-0116 Transfer or Termination of Sponsored Research or Service Agreements
2-0203 Transfer Probation Policy
3-0160 Transportation Services Motor Pool and Motor Vehicle Service Station
3-0740 Uniform Position Classification and Pay Plan for Administrative or Professional and Classified Staff
2-0207 University Academic Format and Final Examination Policy
2-0108 University Enrollment and Fee Waivers for Faculty
3-0744 University Enrollment For Staff
3-0709 University Holidays
4-0105 University Research
1-0115 Use of Cost of Education Allowance
1-0112 Use of Funds
2-0603 Use of Library Facilities and Materials
2-0205 Use of Space for Academic Activities Other Than Regularly Scheduled Classes
6-0802 Use of Schedulable Student Union Public Space
1-0103 Use of the University Name
3-0161 Vehicle Liability Insurance Coverage
3-0170 Vending and Laundry Services
2-0906 Verification of Instructional Faculty Qualifications
2-0105 Waiver of Non-Resident Tuition of Graduate Assistants
2-0103 Waivers of Resident Tuition For Graduate Teaching and Research Assistants
1-1301 Weapons, Firearms, Ammunition, Fireworks, Explosives, and Dangerous Chemicals
3-0770 Workers' Compensation

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