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Subrecipient Monitoring




Annually, Grants & Contracts Financial Administration (GCFA) sends a request to each subrecipient to request their current Audit Report and Management Letter or Financial Statements along with a questionnaire. A compliance Verification Form is also submitted for completion at this time. GCFA monitors/tracks the return of the subrecipients' information and sends follow-up requests as needed. Once a subrecipient returns their information it is logged into a subrecipient database and reviewed for risk and assessment. During this time GCFA verifies the date the subrecipient submitted their audit to the Federal Audit Clearinghouse and assure the certification returned to OSU matches the clearinghouse data. Audit findings or other concerns are evaluated to determine any significant risk and/or what modifications may need to be made to the current agreement. A desk audit may be required and/or a site visit if documentation submitted by the subrecipient is not in compliance. A follow-up to insure due dates for audit finding corrections have been is completed. If we find problems with the documentation we would try to work with the subrecipient to correct those problems. If a significant deficiency is presented each of our agreements included a clause/language with 'the right to terminate for cause'. Language is also included to allow for non-payment and/or repayment, if after working with the subrecipient, any deficiency could not be corrected. The GCFA review process is initiated by the Grant Accountant and any issues are reviewed by their Supervisor and a plan is developed to determine any necessary actions needed.




Annual Letter and Questionnaire Example


Subrecipient Tracking


GCFA has designed a database to specifically track information on each subrecipient as it is processed through the OSU routing process.


Screenshots of Subaward Database




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