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Administration and Finance

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Administration and Finance

In the Division of Administration and Finance, we firmly believe in the importance of furthering one's education through higher education and the attainment of degrees.

Included Positions:

  • All continuous regular staff positions of 1.0 FTE within the Division of Administration & Finance.
  • There is no service requirement; however, hiring official has the discretion to include the incentive pay in consideration of the hiring pay if the individual is within six months of completion of the degree. The employee would be so notified at the time of hire.
  • Employee must maintain "good/competent" level of performance of equivalent.
  • Degree programs qualifying under the Educational Attainment Plan are at the final discretion of the appropriate Dean or Vice President. Employees are encouraged to submit "Intent to Apply for Educational Attainment Incentive" and secure approval early in their academic career, at least 2 semesters prior to graduation, to ensure degree program will qualify as relative to current work.

Approved Degrees:

  • All degrees received from accredited higher education institutions.

Individual courses leading to degree attainment may be paid for by the department as part of the employee's training plan if related to the employee's duties. The appropriate unit head or his/her designee must approve training plans prior to scheduled courses to ensure adequate staffing and budgetary considerations. Staff Fee Waivers are also available.

Pay Incentives:

  • Incentive Schedule: 
    • All payments are increases to base pay.
    • Associate's degrees - $1,200/year ($0.58/hour or $100/month)
    • Baccalaureate degrees - $1,200/year ($0.58/hour or $100/month) if previously awarded an associate's degree or completed two years of undergraduate work prior to hire
    • Baccalaureate degrees - $2,400/year ($1.15/hour or $200/month) if no undergraduate work has previously been recognized
    • Master's degrees - $1,200/year ($0.58/hour or $100/month)
    • Doctoral degrees - $1,200/year ($0.58/hour or $100/month)
  • Increase will be given within 30 days of degree attainment as verified through official transcript from awarding institution.
  • Multiple completions of the similar degrees will not result in additional payments. No payments will be given for lesser degree completion (i.e., employee has a master's degree and later earns a bachelor's degree).
  • Payments are subject to appropriate taxes and withholdings.
  • If a department is unable to make payment due to severe budgetary constraints, review and approval of the exception by the appropriate Vice President is required.

Procedures and Approval Process:

  • Complete Staff Educational Attainment Incentive Pay Plan Employee Form (attached).
  • Submit completed form to immediate supervisor for approval. This form must be completed and approved at the beginning or at least 2 semesters prior to the completion of the degree of certification.
  • Form must be approved by immediate supervisor, unit administrator, and the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance and will be kept in the employee's personnel file.
  • After obtaining the degree, the employee must submit their official transcript to their appropriate supervisor. Pay increase will be added within 30 days after receiving this documentation.

Oklahoma State University reserves the right to modify, revoke, suspend, terminate or change any or all provisions of the plan, in whole or part, at any time, with or without notice. The language appearing in this document is not intended to create, nor is it to be construed to constitute, a contract between Oklahoma State University and any or all of its employees.

Review and Approval:

Christa Louthan, SPHR; Chief Human Resources Officer

Joseph B. Weaver, Jr.; Senior Vice President, Administration & Finance

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