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Pcard Information 

When suppliers have contracts available through the OK Corral, purchases direct with the supplier utilizing a purchase card do not receive contracted pricing or discounts.  Therefore, the OK Corral should be the first choice to purchase goods and the purchase card should not be utilized with suppliers already contracted by the University.


Applying for a Pcard

Pcard Cutoff Dates 2022

Pcard Cutoff Dates 2023

Pcard Guidelines


Instructions for Works, Payment Center, FCm, and Chip & Pin Cards

BOA Online PIN Check

Payment Center - Create Account & Access Statement

Payment Center - Password Reset

Works User Guide



Application Form

Application Packet Checklists

Change Form

Prepaid Registration Letter (Formerly Conference Letter)

Conflict of Interest Form

Deletion Form

Employee Agreement Form

Request for Exception - Goods / Items to be Shipped to a Non-University Address Form



Online Pcard Training

Payment Center

Tax Exemption Certificate Location


Works Training Videos


Pcard Correction Forms

Pcard Correction Form with Instructions

Retroactive Cost Transfer

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