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Administration and Finance

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2-0824 Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
2-0301 Academic Administrator Administrative Increment
2-0820 Academic Forgiveness
2-0822 Academic Integrity Policy
2-0215 Academic Program Review
2-0101 Academic Rank for Non-Teaching Personnel
7-0601 Accepting Gifts of Physical Resources
2-0206 Adding and Dropping Courses and Withdrawing from the University
2-0501 Administrative Information Systems
2-0801 Admission of First-Time-Entering Undergraduate Students
2-0112 Annual Faculty Appraisal and Development Program
2-0302 Annual Performance Appraisal of Academic Administrators
2-0821 Appeal of Final Grade Not Involving Alleged Violations of Academic Integrity
1-1201 Appointment of Interim or Acting Administrators
3-0601 Appropriate Use Policy
2-0212 Approval of General Education Courses
3-0253 Assignment of Fund Codes for Grant and Contract Awards
3-0713 Attendance and Leave for Staff
2-0217 Attendance Policy for Students
1-0604 Audits Which Uncover Criminal Acts
1-0107 Availability of University Facilities
2-0220 Awarding Honorary Degrees
2-0114 Awarding Posthumous Degrees
3-0771 Background Check Policy for Faculty and Graduate Assistants and or Associates (Teaching and Research)
3-0330 Billing and Receivable System
3-0522 Bomb Threats
1-0137 Branding and Advertising
5-0805 Cable Channel 17 - Access to Program Air Time
3-0523 Campus Threats and Violence
1-0505 Care and Use of Animals in Research, Testing, and Teaching
3-0128 Cellular Services
5-0510 Central Mailing Services
3-0854 Central Receiving Station
4-0138 Classifying Funds as Organized Research Under Uniform Guidance (Formerly OMB Circular A-21)
3-0203 Clothing and/or Uniforms Provided to Employees
3-0331 Collections, Deposit and Control of Cash, Checks or Credit Cards Received in the Name of Oklahoma State University
1-0203 Collegiate Licensing and Trademark Usage
4-0401 Compensation to Human Subjects
4-0125 Complaints of Research Misconduct
4-0130 Conflict of Interest in Sponsored Programs
1-0540 Consideration of Removing Names of Facilities
3-0839 Control/Abatement of Asbestos in Campus Facilities
3-0720 Corrective Actions and Dismissals for Staff
4-0137 Cost Accounting Standards - Applicable Credits and Incidental Receipts
1-0113 Cost Sharing in Sponsored Research and Service Projects
4-0135 Costing Practices for Sponsored Research and Service Projects
2-0202 Course Action Requests
2-0109 Cumulative Review of Tenured Faculty
3-0814 Custodial Services
3-0602 Data Stewardship:  Data Classification Policy, Responsibilities and Guidelines
3-0721 Definitions, Exemption and Amendments for Administrative and Professional Staff
1-0136 Digital Accessibility
3-0126 Disposition of Surplus Property
3-0252 Distinguishing Between Gifts, Grants, and Contracts
1-1205 Drug-Free Workplace
2-0401 Educational Television Services
3-0336 Electronic Commerce at Oklahoma State University
3-0322 Electronic Use of Social Security Numbers
1-0134 Employee Domestic and International Travel
3-0121 Employee Indemnification Bonding
3-0117 Employee Liability Insurance
3-0256 Employment Incentive Awards
1-0401 Employment of Athletic Department Exempt Staff and Intercollegiate Coaches
1-0803 Employment of Internationals
3-0706 Employment, Promotion and Transfer for Classified Staff
3-0726 Employment, Resignation, Suspensions, and Dismissals for Administrative and Professional Staff
1-0520 Energy Management and Conservation
1-0101 Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action
1-0109 Excavation, Alterations, Renovations, and Additions for Facilities
1-0114 Extending Job Offers to Prospective Faculty
5-0601 Extracurricular Use of University Facilities, Areas for the Purpose of Expression
1-0123 Facilities Planning and Space Utilization Committee
4-0106 Facility and Resource Use Agreement
2-0602 Faculty Charges from the University Library
2-0113 Faculty Sick Leave
3-0708 Family and Medical Leave Act
2-0701 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (Buckley Amendment)
3-0127 Federal Property Management Standards
2-0106 Fee Waiver Scholarships
2-0806 Fees Tuition and Special Charges to Students
2-0216 Final Exam Overload and Common Final or Evening Exam Conflict
3-0826 Fire Protection and Safety
3-0834 Fire Safety Sprinkler Systems
3-0201 Fiscal Procedures and Accounting Systems
1-0702 Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy and Title IX Grievance Procedure - Revision in progress
3-0421 Graduate Research Assistants, Associate Tuition Waivers
3-0251 Grants and Contracts Financial Administration
3-0822 Graphics Painting in Campus Buildings
3-0746 Grievances and Complaints for Staff
2-0110 Guidelines to Govern Workload Assignments to Faculty Members
3-0838 Handling and Disposal of Hazardous Chemicals
1-0301 Handling of Gifts to the University
3-0535 Hazard Communication Program
3-0837 Hazardous Materials- Training Hazmat Employees
3-0712 Human Resources Information Management Systems
2-0901 Informal Ombudsman Review of Qualified Faculty Employment Issues, and Informal Voluntary Mediation of Qualified Faculty Employment Issues
3-0747 Informal Ombudsperson Review and Informal Voluntary Mediation of Qualified Staff Employment Issues
3-0604 Information & Resources:  Access Control Policy
3-0603 Information Security
3-0605 Information Security: Security Awareness
2-0221 In-State Out-of-State Status for Tuition Purposes
4-0301 Institutional Biosafety Policy
4-0303 Institutional Laser Safety
4-0302 Institutional Radiation Safety
1-0202 Intellectual Property
1-0117 Interdisciplinary and Cooperative Programs
3-0125 Inventory of Fixed Assets
3-0180 Lake Carl Blackwell
3-0501 Law Enforcement Services
3-0711 Layoff and Reduction in Work Force for Staff
2-0601 Locations of Library Collections
3-0750 Long Term Disability
3-0719 Military Leave
1-0135 Minors Participating in OSU-Related Activities and Programs
3-0202 Miscellaneous Compensation Payments to Internationals for Independent Personal Services
3-0810 Mission Statement
1-0118 Multiple Private Awards for Sponsored Projects with the Same General Objective
2-0810 Native Speakers, Academic Credit
2-0905 Nomination and Appointment Process for Regents Professor
3-0745 Nondiscrimination, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action for Administrative or Professional and Classified Staff
2-0903 Non-Tenure Track Faculty Positions
5-0201 On-Campus Credit Courses Offered Through Extension
1-0130 Open Records
2-0208 Ordering Textbooks
2-0115 Overload Pay for Faculty
3-0512 Parking and Traffic Signage and Enforcement
3-0335 Payment of Student Fees, Tuition, and Charges
3-0255 Payments for Stipends, Travel, Dependency Allowance or Other Participating Costs on Grant or Contract Funded Training Programs
3-0320 Payroll
3-0741 Performance Evaluation Program for Staff
1-0111 Physical Facilities--Space and Facilities Inventory
4-0115 Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research
1-0705 Political Activities of Employees
3-0823 Posting Items in Hallways
2-0210 Prefinals Week
1-0102 Presentations to the Board of Regents by Representatives of the Campus Community
5-0521 Printing Off-Campus
2-0213 Priority Enrollment for Continuing Students
2-0211 Procedures for Initiating and Discontinuing Academic Options or Degree Programs
3-0732 Procedures to Govern Compensated Outside Activities of Administrative and Professional Staff Members
2-0111 Procedures to Govern Overload Assignments, Outside Professional Activities, and Other Outside Activities of Faculty Members
3-0842 Procurement and Installation of Fume Hoods
3-0818 Procurement of Carpeting
3-0812 Procurement of Physical Plant Services
1-1204 Professional Development-Retreats
3-0110 Property Insurance
3-0830 Public Assembly Events in Campus Buildings
1-0104 Public Speaking
4-0120 Publishing Results of Sponsored Research Projects or Programs
3-0420 Purchase of Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages on Sponsored Project Funding
3-0241 Purchasing Card
3-0146 Purchasing Equipment on Sponsored Agreements
2-0902 Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Process for Ranked Faculty
4-0139 Recharge Centers and Sponsored Agreements
3-0190 Records and Documents Retention, Security and Control
3-0540 Red Flags Rules and Identity Theft Prevention
2-0802 Reinstatement of Undergraduate Students After Academic Suspension
3-0362 Reporting and Taxability of Assistantships, Fellowships, Scholarships, Fee Waivers and Other Payments to Students
4-0201 Requirements for Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research
2-0128 Requirements for Undergraduate and Graduate Minors
2-0904 Research Professor Track (Non-Tenure Track)
3-0710 Resignations for Classified Staff
2-0222 Restriction of Forming Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Additional Locations
2-0214 Retention of Grade Books and Records
4-0136 Retroactive Cost Transfers
1-0305 Routing Systems--Proposals, Grants, Contracts and Agreements
3-0148 Sale of Goods or Services to the University by an Employee
3-0521 Security Alarm Systems
3-0513 Shuttle Bus Operations
3-0716 Sick Leave for Staff
3-0911 Signage and Graphics
7-0501 Solicitation of Gifts from Corporations and Foundations
1-0105 Solicitation on Campus
2-0102 Space for Retired Faculty Members
2-0107 Spousal Partner Hires
3-0714 Staff Training and Development
2-0209 Standards for Semester-Credit-Hour
3-0260 State Regents Endowed Chair and Professorship Program
4-0140 Stores
2-0823 Student Discrimination Grievances
6-0101 Student Employment Job Listing
1-0133 Student Travel
2-0204 Summer Session Period
5-0202 Supplemental Credit Courses Offered Through Extension
1-0402 Team Travel
3-0881 Telecommunications Services--Order or Change
1-0119 The Oklahoma State University Museum
3-0321 Time & Effort Confirmation for Sponsored Programs in Compliance with Federal Requirements
3-0742 Timekeeping and Overtime
1-0530 Tobacco Use and Smoking Preparation Use In or On University Property
3-0144 Trade-Out
1-0106 Transfer of Property to Other Organizations
1-0116 Transfer or Termination of Sponsored Research or Service Agreements
2-0203 Transfer Probation Policy
3-0160 Transportation Services Motor Pool and Motor Vehicle Service Station
3-0740 Uniform Position Classification and Pay Plan for Administrative or Professional and Classified Staff
2-0207 University Academic Format and Final Examination Policy
2-0108 University Enrollment and Fee Waivers for Faculty
3-0744 University Enrollment For Staff
3-0709 University Holidays
3-0846 University Mailing Systems
4-0105 University Research
1-0115 Use of Cost of Education Allowance
1-0112 Use of Funds
2-0603 Use of Library Facilities and Materials
2-0205 Use of Space for Academic Activities Other Than Regularly Scheduled Classes
6-0802 Use of Schedulable Student Union Public Space
1-0103 Use of the University Name
3-0161 Vehicle Liability Insurance Coverage
3-0170 Vending and Laundry Services
2-0906 Verification of Instructional Faculty Qualifications
2-0105 Waiver of Non-Resident Tuition of Graduate Assistants
2-0103 Waivers of Resident Tuition For Graduate Teaching and Research Assistants
1-1301 Weapons, Firearms, Ammunition, Fireworks, Explosives, and Dangerous Chemicals
3-0770 Workers' Compensation

SeeAccounting Policies and Forms

View all the accounting policies and forms


Policy Update/Creation

University policies are managed by the Office of the Senior Vice President for Administration & Finance.


To update a current policy or initiate a new policy, please contact the SVPAF office (744-2690 or via email) for the current file in Word format.  Use the Track Changes feature in Word to record your changes.  All revisions must be tracked on the same document.


The following may be helpful to review prior to updating or creating new policies.

Guidelines for Updating Current/Creating New Policies & Procedures

Policy Template


Each revised or new policy must be submitted with the following:

Policy Submission Checklist - details the documentation required for submittal

One-Page Summary - summarizes the changes and the justification for said changes

One-Page Summary for New Policies - provides justification for the new policy


Once you've submitted the updated/new policy with all required documentation, it will be sent out for review by the E-Team.  If approved, the policy will be posted to the Policies and Procedures page, unless it also requires approval by the Board of Regents for the Oklahoma A&M Colleges.


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